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Shorn beaver fur-coats in strips (with a mink fur hood)

Model: H21
1 480,- EUR
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Additional Information

  1. All products are available to try on. The length (the length of an article, the length of sleeves) is determined individually.
  2. The price includes the preparation of fur, stretching, cutting, hooks, lining and other accessories.
  3. 10 % discount is applicable to the sewing of standard and individual models from 1 March to 1 July.
  4. An additional 5 discount on all products is applied to hunter ticket holders.
  5. The 10-30 % mark-up to the selling price is applicable to the articles, which sizes are from 60 and above.
  6. In case of a complicated built and form, the 10-30 % mark-up to the work service price is applied.
  7. Individual (customised) models are sewn upon a separate order and agreement.
  8. The tariff price for 1 hour of additional works is 12 EUR.
  9. The prices are specified including the VAT.
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  • Shorn beaver fur-coats in strips (with a mink fur hood)

Shorn beaver fur-coats in strips (with a mink fur hood)

The sewing of an article from the  beaver fur presented by a customer

Sizes from M to 5XL.The length of the article is from 86 to 96 cm. Available colours-natural, black and brown, grey, dark blue. 

9-14 medium, large beaver skins are required to sew an article. The skins may be with some defects, whereas the article is sewn in strips.  Sewing price 540 EUR. Dyeing of the fur of the article 50-70 EUR. In the internal part of a hood, there are sewn in 2 large mink skins. The size is (00,000). The unit price is 50 EUR .

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